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Please see webpage for details.

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Hello All

I am delighted to invite you to participate in the next CG meeting. Bring yourself and your ideas.

You will be rewarded by being made welcome and enjoying a few hours ( coffee / tea included ) with some like

minded folk and discussing some issues related to the person centred approach within Scotland and beyond.

Please let me know if you intend to come by emailing Annette at [email protected]

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The venue and dates for the 30th Anniversary Celebrations have been chosen.

I am very excited to share with you what we have on offer so far. Also remember that this

weekend can be used towards your CPD for the year.

There is a 2 day encounter group experience facilitated by Terry Daly and possibly some of the PCT Scotland trainee

Some information about Terry.

Dip SW, Dip Coun, Sen.Life coach (BACP)
MSC, counselling, Accredited counsellor (BACP)

Terry works as a Person Centred Life coach. Therapist, supervisor,and trainer in Glasgow, London and Europe.

He has a background in working with people over 30 years in Health, social work, the private and voluntary sector, and within University settings.

Terry’s model of working

The person centred philosophy believes that each individual has within themselves infinite resources if given the right conditions in which to grow.

Terry believes that offering a particular kind of relationship which includes respect, understanding, and genuineness creates the right environment in which people can thrive. This is especially true in working with groups and offering encounter. Terry has been involved with encounter groups for over forty years and still experiences the excitement and potential that they offer.

Also there is a Conversation Cafe style experience and the topics already on offer are:

A. The Medicalisation of distress and the Person Centred Approach hosted by Jo Heaton.

Exploring person centred responses to the Pathologizing and Medicalisation of human distress pervasive in Society, in Health services and in Counselling. How to challenge and promote Person-Centred understanding in these areas.

B. Person Centred Gender.

Hosted by Tina Clark M.Sc., B.Ed (Hons), Dip. Couns, MBACP. Tina Clark (formally Livingstone) is a Client Centred Counsellor and Sex and Gender Diversities Therapist working in private practice. An experienced supervisor, consultant, and trainer; her writing includes The Relevance of a Person Centred Approach to Therapy with Transgendered or Transsexual Clients ( PCEP 2008, Vol 7:2, p134-144) and Anti-sectarian, queer, client-centredness: a re-iteration of respect in therapy in Counselling Ideologies (Ashgate 2010)


Unsettling for some and liberating for others, our culture is currently moving towards a perception of gender based on phenomenology (subjective experience) rather than taxonomy (categorisation). The Person Centred Approach provides respectful ambience for encounter and dialogue through this cultural shift - since Rogers did not construct differential pathways for the development of males and females, but consistently referred to others as persons. Rogers “did not posit some eternal essence or archetypes based on gender, or any fixed biological destiny or any reductionistic, partial and fixed explanation of our behavior” (Wolter-Guftason, 1999) – therefore within this context we can all meet as equally valid persons.

Our culture’s many taken-for-granted assumptions, both positive and negative, its perceptions of what is ‘natural’ for men and women, its essentialist view of gender, and its audacity in assuming the inferiority of certain groups of human beings, has set everyone up for an adversarial life. Gender differentiation, unintentionally and intentionally, has cultivated a culture of discrimination by ascribing judgement-based hierarchies to human traits, and cementing them in a most sectarian manner. Thus a human characteristic ascribed as strength on one side may be perceived weakness on the other!

Offering respect for Autonomy in Gender Identification, within and beyond traditional gender roles, this conversation will provide opportunity to share our experiences and explore our understandings of Gender, and what it means to us.

Who knows – perhaps our contemplation of the pressures and privileges, stereotypes and diversities, and oppressions and freedoms of being a gendered self in society today may open the way for co-constructing a more comfortable way of being for all in the future?

C. Authenticity: what is it and can we be person-centred without it?

Hosted by Tonia Higgins MBACP PG Dip BA

Tonia is a counsellor in private practice and in the third sector. She works with mild to moderate mental health issues, survivors of abuse and young people age 16+ She has an interest in positive psychology and an enthusiasm for exploring how it can complement and enhance the person-centred approach.


D. On becoming more in the therapeutic relationship: An exploration of directional presence.

Hosted by Mike Moss who has recently had articles published in the COSCA Counselling in Scotland Journal, Spring 2017 and the Person Centred Quarterly, May 2017 and will presenting at the BACP Conference 'Children, Young People and Families: working with difficult behaviour' in Belfast ,12 September 2017. He has over 30 years working with children and young people and families in Scotland and has trained in Youth Work, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Integrative Therapy,
Person Centred Therapy and Clinical Supervision.

In my work as a therapist I have begun to discover something more, which if attended to, even in the smallest of ways, movement into healing can be experienced towards the direction of potential growth, or what Carl Rogers called an 'evolutionary flow ... as part of a formative tendency in the universe.' 'A Way of Being. 1980.'

E. The body in person-centred therapy: reclaiming the organism

Hosted by Craig Hutchison Registered Member MBACP (Accred)
Craig is a person-centred therapist and supervisor in private practice (www.personcentre.co.uk), and a trainer and Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where he teaches on Diploma programmes. His therapeutic work is strongly influenced by Gendlin and process philosophy and his publications include Trusting the Process? (PCEP 2015) about the potential challenges of symbolising and processing experiencing in therapy/encounter groups.
------ ------- ------- ------- -------
“the psychologically mature adult trusts and uses the wisdom of his organism” (Rogers 1964)
“our bodies feel a situation directly … This kind of experience is sometimes attributed to ‘the unconscious,’ although such a body-sense is, of course, conscious” (Gendlin, 1993).

This session will offer an opportunity to reflect on what the body means in person-centred therapy and philosophy, considering the organismic basis of experiencing and questioning what it might mean to hold the organism in mind as we work therapeutically.

F) Relational Depth

Hosted by Sue Price - Assistant Professor of Counselling, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Sue is a lecturer and a member of the Centre for Research in Human Flourishing. She is also a practising counsellor and psychotherapist with BACP Accredition She completed her PhD at The University of Strathclyde in 2012 under the supervision of Professor Robert Elliott and Professor Mick Cooper. Her PhD focused on the development of an inventory designed to assess relational depth in counselling and psychotherapy.

Before joining the University of Nottingham, Sue was a lecturer at two universities where she taught postgraduates at Liverpool John Moores University and undergraduates at Edge Hill University. Sue's career as a counsellor began in 2005 where she counselled staff at a major nuclear fuel company. She has also worked as a counsellor in the third sector in alcohol and drugs, domestic violence and in various generic counselling services. Sue has also worked as a counsellor in a Primary Care service in Liverpool for an IAPT service.

Expertise Summary
Sue's expertise and research interests include relational depth between client and practitioner. Sue also has an expertise, and is interested in, various quantitative research methods but is particularly interested in Rasch analysis as an approach to reliability and validity testing of psychometric measures. As well as this, Sue is in the process of planning research concerning the coming out process of individuals with diverse sexualities during mid to late adulthood.

Recent Publications
WIGGINS [PRICE], S., 2012. Assessing relational depth: developing the Relational Depth Inventory. In: KNOX, R., MURPHY, D., WIGGINS [PRICE], S. and COOPER, M., eds., Relational Depth: New Perspectives and Developments
WIGGINS [PRICE], S., ELLIOTT, R. and COOPER, M., The prevalence and characteristics of relational depth events in psychotherapy Psychotherapy Research. 22(2), 1
KNOX, R., MURPHY, D., WIGGINS [PRICE], S. and COOPER, M., eds., Relational Depth: New Perspectives and Developments Palgrave Macmillan.

Costing for 2 day event which includes buffet lunch and teas and coffees:

2 day event for trainees £70 in total.
2 day event for members £90 in total.
2 day event for non members £100 in total.

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PCT Scotland has been offered a great opportunity to contribute to an annual meeting of CAMHS workers within Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.
It’s a chance to promote the role of person centred counselling; the work that you, and others, do in this field – and also PCTS.
The date is Thursday 14 September 2017, at Yorkhill, Glasgow. It’s about a half hour slot + questions; it’s informal, they’ll be about 20 people, and they’re a friendly bunch! You’ll get your lunch, and are welcome to attend for the whole day and benefit from the input of other contributors.
If you are at all interested/want to chat through details – please contact Isobel Gibson [email protected] or 07985 710918 as soon as possible – thank you.

Please contact Isobel directly and not through the sumit enquiry button - Thanks

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This group was established 20 years. The aim of the group is to provide a supportive and safe environment for individuals who have a professional or personal interest in developing insight into self and therapeutic skills for healing self and others. Current and past members have a high level of experience in this field but the basic requirement is that individuals should have experience of personal therapy and some understanding of the therapeutic process. Work can be at a deep level and is under the supervision of a professional facilitator where a safe and secure environment is provided within the group.

The group meets during the day for four weekends per year at the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow. It meets the professional requirements for PPD hours of both COSCA AND BACP.
If you are interested in further information please contact:
Barry Stansfield
Telephone: 07969 380711
Email: [email protected]
World PCE Conference  2018 Vienna

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Notice details


PCE 2018

the 13th Conference of the World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling (WAPCEPC), taking place in Vienna from July 6 – 12, 2018.

We are looking forward to a conference

- entitled "Facilitating Hope – Personal and Societal Challenges“ and a discussion and critical engagement with this important issue,

- in the heart of Europe and due to its favorable geographic location easily reachable for participants coming from overseas as well as from the Eastern parts of Europe,

- with a Pre-Conference from July 6 – 8, 2018, hopefully also attended by participants generally interested in societal issues (apart from the person centered and experiential expert audience) to discuss today’s personal and societal challenges,

- from July 8 – 12, 2018 with keynotes, lectures, workshops, panel discussions etc. and plenty of time to discuss these inputs and develop further the person centered and experiential approach,

- taking place on only one venue (Campus Prater: Sigmund Freud University Vienna and Vienna University of Economics and Business), thus also offering a place for encounter apart from the scientific setting, with persons from the various geographic parts of the world and the various "tribes“ of the person centered and experiential world,

- with an international Scientific Committee, inviting interested persons to participate in the Conference with their inputs,

- that may be attended by each interested person, we will do our best to offer tiered conference fees and free of charge accommodation,

- that fulfills the requirements of participants with special needs – please contact us, as we are looking forward to facilitating your needs and contribution,

- with a gala dinner that may be attended by all participants by invitation of the Mayor of Vienna,

- with a well chosen accompanying program for all participants and various interests as well as proposals for individual holidays in Austria after the Conference.

Our webpage is being updated constantly.

We do hope that we may share with you our enthusiasm and joy that we already have shared with the organization of the Conference – we are definitely determined to organize a unique and unforgettable Conference in Vienna and we are already now looking forward to seeing you!!

Leonore Langner, Susanna Markowitsch, Mairi McMenamin, Susanne Mliner, Astrid Pfneisl, Michaela Zolles
Organization Committee CE 2018

To view the video please click on the picture and it will take you to another site and press the vimeo button.
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