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The draft minutes of the Coordinating Group meeting held on Thursday 16th September 2021 are now available. You can find them in the Documents section of the website. A copy is also attached to this notice for convenience.

We have had no responses to the invitation to get involved sent to members in July by Terry Daly, on behalf of the Coordinating Group. As the AGM grows closer, we invite you to read Terry's words again, and to consider how you can support PCT Scotland by getting more involved.

In particular, would you consider taking on the post of Secretary? It is an essential role - we can't operate as an association without it. If you are interested in getting to know other members of the person-centred community in Scotland and enjoy light administrative/coordinating tasks (see attached role description), please get in touch with Terry (details below) as soon as possible.

Terry Daly writes:

PCT Scotland is soon to celebrate 35 years of Person-Centred community in Scotland. In 2022 we will be acknowledging the phenomenal achievements that have taken place during this time.

There are too many names to mention of people who have made contributions over the years but what is certain is the impact that the person-centred approach has had on the lives of thousands of people in Scotland, both those practising as therapists and those receiving support in different ways including counselling.

What stands out for me is the sense of community that has been created and continues to be very important especially during the pandemic.

We are looking forward to inviting you to our AGM in October 24 2021 at 1:30 PM

We have a vibrant and active coordinating group, people who are interested in developing and promoting the person-centred approach and we are now looking for a new secretary to join the group. The coordinating group is fun and interested in sharing responsibilities so that the role of secretary is not left to do everything in the traditional way. One development that we have put in place this year is having a CG member who acts as the chair of CG meetings, and is available to support the Secretary through consultations between meetings.

We are looking for someone who is organised, enjoys reaching out to people and has a passion to ensure that the person-centred approach continues in Scotland.

In advance of the AGM, we would like to invite members to put their names forward to join the coordinating group and in particular think about taking on the role of secretary, one of the two office-bearer roles required by the PCT Scotland constitution. Election of office-bearers is for one year (until the next year’s AGM) and we encourage office bearers to stand for re-election when they would like to do that.

Susan Stephen is our current secretary and will be stepping down at the AGM in October. Susan has put together a description of the role of secretary (please see attached file). She will provide a handover to the new secretary and be available for support with any teething problems as they familiarize themselves with the role and systems.

One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been the development of our coordinating group meeting via Zoom. This has created an opportunity from PCT Scotland members from all over Scotland to join the coordinating group.

We intend to keep this method of meeting going to enable best access for all people.

We also have a number of people within the coordinating group who are taking on different roles and responsibilities to help develop PCT Scotland. A positive side-effect of this is the peer support and friendships that are growing as a result. A small honorary payment is available to acknowledge members who carry out the main administrative roles; currently, secretary, membership secretary, treasurer and website administrator.

Keeping our history safe for future generations of person-centred people
We will also be looking for your memories from PCT Scotland over the years. We are currently creating a digital archive and would welcome photographs, videos, copies of newsletters from the past, and any thoughts and memories that you have would like to share with us.

If you are interested in joining the coordinating group or thinking about becoming a future secretary for PCT Scotland please feel free to contact Terry for a chat his email address is terry.daly@btinternet.com and his mobile number is (07802) 817003

PCT Scotland pays for access to a Professional Zoom Account. This will be used for  online coordinating group meetings, AGM and various other events organised by PCT Scotland.   We would be delighted  to  share  access of the zoom account to any of our members. This might be for online  peer review meetings or any person centred meetings etc.   Please contact  me - annettecooper47@hotmail.com - and I can discuss this further if needed.
Please download the information regarding use of the zoom account ( click on read more and then you will see the document).

Thank you to everyone who has supported Person-Person over the years since 2005, 
but it is with regret that I say goodbye to hosting anymore events.

Without you, I couldn't have run so many workshops over the years. I've met some
lovely people over the years and am still in touch with some.

It has been a pleasure to present and learn together about the Person Centred way 
of being in relationship.

Many thanks, Sylvia

We now have our two volunteers. Thank you!

The Coordinating Group are seeking two volunteers from the wider membership of PCT Scotland to independently examine the 2020-21 accounts prior to the AGM on Sunday 24th October. We want to pilot this process with a view to introducing it as a regular part of the AGM preparations.

The two volunteers will be given online access to the draft 2020-21 accounts, and bank statements for the financial year, so that they can review and verify the details of income and expenditure  that support the totals presented in the draft accounts. Our accounts are straight-forward and well organised by Alex, our Treasurer.

The draft accounts will be ready by 7th October. 

If you can offer your time for this task, please contact Susan [secretary@pctscotland.co.uk] as soon as possible. 

Thank you for supporting PCT Scotland!

5 results - showing 1 - 5