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PCT Scotland's Annual General Meeting is scheduled for November.  Details are below:

Date:     2nd November 2019
Venue:  The Premier Inn, 187 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1YU
Time:     10am - 12.30pm

All members are welcome to attend. Please confirm your attendance or tender your apologies by contacting Tonia Higgins at secretary@pctscotland.co.uk. Any agenda items and accompanying supplementary papers should also be sent to this address by no later than 12 noon on Monday 28th October.

Please note that the AGM will be followed by this year's Autumn Connections event ~ a Conversation Cafe ~ from 1.30 to 4.30pm. Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite.

Some members have expressed confusion about the process of renewing your membership online, so to help with this process here is a step-by-step guide to renewals. 


This course is aimed at counsellors with a Diploma ion Counselling or Counselling Skills users with  COSCA Counselling Skills certificate or equivalent as their training. It is designed to equip the less experienced practitioner with a better understanding and use of supervision, as well as to provide a significant first step for the longer trained and more experienced practitioner in their role as supervisors. This course has full COSCA validation.

The course runs for 6 sessions over 3 weekends in October, November and December from 9.30 to 4.30 each day.

The CG have been investigating the possibility of PCT Scotland changing to Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation status. In our recent membership survey, 53% of respondents expressed interest in hearing more about that. Treasurer, Alex Arthur, has kindly put together this table that explains what these changes would mean. It also includes info on what it would mean to become a Limited Company.

To consider this further the CG would like to consult with members, and ask that members send any thoughts and comments to secretary@pctscotland.co.uk by Friday 25th October.  This will allow us to discuss this matter further at the AGM on 2nd November. 

Thank you in advance for your views.

Hire a room

Wellspring has 10 rooms available for hire. They are suitable for individual work, couple and group work.

The rooms are available to rent during the day or in the evening, 7 days a week. Reception cover is provided during core hours, Monday to Friday.

Facilities and Resources

  • Kitchen
  • Waiting Room
  • Enclosed Garden
  • Flip chart and stand
  • TV and DVD
Rental Rates

Rooms for 1:1 and couples work are charged at a rate of £11 per hour. 

Room 5 (group work) is charged at £14 per hour.

Please note that a minimum of 3 hours per week is required to secure regular booking with us. 

How can we move on from extreme adversity such as relational trauma, serious illness and organised violence? Join Professor of Mental Health Zoë Chouliara on World Mental Health Day as she explores how human beings can cope and even find personal growth following traumatic events, by learning to harness relationships that aid their recovering.

Zoë is an award winning clinical academic, who was named one of the Top 100 Nation’s Lifesavers by Universities UK for her work with survivors of childhood abuse. She is the lead author of Acts of Recovery, the first research-based, survivor-centred self-help booklet for childhood abuse, which is used in the UK and overseas. She was nominated for an Equal Opportunities Award by the British Psychological Society, and was part of the team awarded the British Journal of Nursing Dermatology Award in 2016.

This free event will be held in the Main Lecture Theatre on Thursday 10 October at 6pm, followed by a drinks reception.

Certificate in Clinical Supervision: January 2020 – June 2020

The course is designed to provide counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals working within the helping professions with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, self-awareness and professional competence to become effective reflective supervisors.

The programme is founded on person-centred principles offering a collaborative, relational approach to supervision and supervisory practice and designed to support the development of practitioners from different theoretical orientations and modalities.

The course is based on the BACP Curriculum for Counselling Supervision and is designed to prepare participants to apply for accreditation as an individual and group supervisor with BACP. The course is also informed by Competence Framework for the Supervision of Psychological Therapies (Roth & Pilling 2008).

Course Objectives:
To provide participants with a learning environment which offers:

a sound theoretical understanding of different models of supervision and the supervisory process the opportunity to practice and develop their supervisory skills
the opportunity to integrate theory and skills into their own individual supervisory style
the opportunity to reflect on their development with other experienced practitioners

the opportunity to develop their understanding of the ethical and professional responsibilities of providing supervision in different contexts through discussion and dialogue with other experienced practitioners
the opportunity to gain experience of individual and group supervision within and out with the context of the programme.

Course Structure:
The programme will be held at the TCS Centre Coatbridge. The course is delivered over six months beginning in January 2020 and finishing at the start of June 2020. The programme consists of five modules delivered over five weekends, plus four Peer Group Supervision Practice meetings.

Module One:

Module Two:

January 2020 Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th 9.30 – 4.30

The nature and purpose of Supervision, different models of Supervision, the Supervisory Relationship
February 2020 Peer Group Supervision Practice date to be agreed with participants

February 2020 Saturday 29th & Sunday 1st March 9.30 – 4.30

Collaborative Practice: individual and group supervision, dynamics and processes

March 2020
Peer Group Supervision Practice date to be agreed with participants

Module Three: April 2020 Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th 9.30 – 4.30

Module Four:

Module Five:

Supervision in different contexts and settings, ethical responsibility and professional accountability
April 2020 Peer Group Supervision Practice date to be agreed with participants

May 2020 Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th 9.30 – 4.30

Differences and commonalities in approaches to supervision: Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, CBT and Creative Approaches
May 2020 Peer Group Supervision Practice date to be agreed with participants

June 2020 Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th 9.30 – 4.30

Reflective Practice and Assessment of Clinical Competence

Course Requirements:
Attendance of at least 80% of course contact hours, including Peer Group Supervision. (Missed

attendance to be made up by an agreed activity with course tutors)
Completion of 20 hours of clinical supervision offered by you and provided to members of your

profession, which can include individual (minimum of 12 hours) and group supervisionCompletion of approximately 12 hours of peer supervision practice

Completion of 8 hours of individual supervision for supervision, provided by a supervisor who is independent of the course

The successful completion of all course assignments:

  • Maintenance of a Reflective Journal Work

  • Clinical Placement Portfolio

  • Audio Recording of Supervision Session

  • Case Study

  • Statement and Presentation of Learning and Competence

  • Full course attendance and completion of the course assignments will lead to the achievement of a Persona Certificate in Clinical Supervision.

  • Entry Requirements:

  • The course expects participants to be able to draw on their own experience of supervised clinical practice and therefore it is important that individuals feel sufficiently competent and grounded in their orientation as a practitioner in order to gain maximum learning and development from the programme. With this in mind, applicants will have a minimum 3 years of practice, including training and be qualified practitioners in a helping profession with at least 200 client counselling hours of supervised practice gained post qualification. Applicants will also be members of a Professional Association, with relevant indemnity insurance.

  • Application Process:

  • If you are interested in the programme, please complete the Application Form and forward it to the Persona office, along with the name of someone who knows you in a professional capacity (ideally your supervisor) and is willing to provide a reference. There is no formal interview process, however, the course tutors may contact applicants if any questions arise from the application form.

  • Closing date for applications is December 20th 2019
    Course Fees: £ 1100.00. (This includes a deposit of £100.00 to secure a place on the programme)

I am offering up to 6 hours of free supervision as part of my supervision training for any qualified counsellors looking for this. 

At Southside Counselling we are delighted to offer this exciting 2-day course with Hakomi practitioner Diarmid Baillie.

Learn to access deep nourishing connection through interpersonal mindfulness practices, based on the Hakomi method of assisted self-discovery.

‘Loving Presence’ refers to a unique state of being with another person: the nourishing, spacious, nurturing atmosphere within which the spontaneous unfolding and healing of the self is naturally inspired to arise. The capacity to rest in this state with ourselves and others is innate, although usually occluded by other habitual ways of being, thinking and feeling.

Through this powerful series of embodied experiential explorations you may expect to develop in the following ways:
  • Increased capacity to sustain presence with another.
  • Increased sense of connection to self while connected with others.
  • Increased ability to rest in a state of shared connection which nourishes each person.
  • Increased joy, ease and pleasure in professional and personal relationships.
  • Increased ability to sustain your energy while working with others in distress.
  • Increased clarity and insight about how your inner experience is impacted by others.
  • A deepening trust in the value of your unique presence to others, the power of simply being.
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October 2019, 10am to 5pm each day

Early bird price £170 (until 19th August)
Full price £190
Refreshments and Lunch included

How to Book your place
Download and complete our CPD Booking Form and email it to info@southsidecounsellingppd.co.uk

A Person-Centred perspective on writing case notes and offering to share them with clients. Published in The Irish Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Summer 2019

Here are the results of the membership survey from earlier this year.  They make interesting reading. Many thanks to all of those who completed the survey for letting us know your views.  

The CG would really like to hear your thoughts on the results of the survey.  If you have views you'd like to share with us please send them to me, Tonia, at secretary@pctscotland.co.uk.

Our next CG meeting will be held on Saturday 7th September along with a workshop to map membership survey responses to the Three Horizons model. Time: 1pm til 5pm (we can continue til 5.30 if necessary).  You are welcome to attend for all or part of the afternoon.

Huge thanks to member Susan Stephen for offering to facilitate the workshop.

If you haven't done so already, please confirm attendance by Saturday 24th August, to ensure that we have a room big enough to accommodate the group.  Also, please send any items for the agenda by Friday 30th August.

20th anniversary of PCE Europe in 2018 and a restart of the network in 2019

In September 2018 "PCE Europe – Network of the European Associations for
Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling" should have
celebrated its 20th birthday, but the date passed unnoticed, there was not a big
party! Only a few months earlier, in July 2018, the General Assembly in Vienna,
failed to elect a new board and it became evident that PCE Europe might not survive
its 20th anniversary. There was no reason to celebrate!

There were various reasons for the apparent apathy and 'burnout'. PCE Europe
started in Luxembourg, with 15 partners, and since then has developed into a strong
network of 31 organisations in 15 different countries from many parts of Europe.
Membership extends from the United Kingdom to Cyprus, and from Portugal to
Russia. During the past decade, the biannual meetings of the General Assembly
were combined with a Symposium. During these days person-centred
professionals, from many parts of Europe, gathered to learn from another and
exchange their ideas, but above all everyone enjoyed being in contact and having
fun with like-minded people.

PCE Europe's members were reluctant to accept this undignified end of the
network, without an attempt to reverse their fortunes, and a 'task force' was formed.
The 'task force' was established in September 2018, with the job of providing a
basis for PCE Europe's realignment, making it more attractive to its members and
hopefully leading it into a fruitful future. Eight colleagues from 7 different countries
joined the task force and met regularly on Skype. A person-centred mindset and a
desire for European cooperation unified these people, who were of Austrian, British,
German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Scottish and Swiss origin. Their task was to
prepare the groundwork for the next General Assembly, which was in Warsaw on
10 May 2019, and create a map for the association's future.

The Warsaw General Assembly was successful and heralded the relaunch of the
European Network. An international Board was elected: Leonore Langner, Austria
(Chair), Allan Turner, UK (Treasurer), Tito Laneiro, Portugal (EAP contact), Mihaela
Bonatiu, Romania (Certificate Coordinator), Gaby Pierre Chami, Switzerland
(Social Media Manager), Dimitris Portokalis, Greece (PR Officer).
The mission statement of PCE Europe was expanded and renewed, to make the
network more tangible and attractive for its members. PCE Europe is seeking to
register as an NGO (as is WAPCEPC), and a working group was established to
determine the best jurisdiction for registration.

We agreed to update, and enhance, the network's connection to WAPCEPC and to
work closely together. The next European Symposium will be in Romania in 2021,
and we hope that the event guidelines, prepared by the 'task force' will assist the
organisers in their work. New ideas were explored, which means that the new Board
have a lot of working on its 'to do list'. There is a new momentum from the new
Board, and they will value a strong network of support people who are ready to step
up and contribute to PCE Europe's development.

Summary written by Simone Anderhub, Leonore Langner, Allan Turner.

Adding your profile to the Directory of Counsellors, or updating your existing profile is easy.  This can be done by every member who is entitled to have a listing on the Directory (i.e. Practitioner members).  

Attached is a simple step-by-step guideline to adding a new listing (page 1) or updating your existing one (page 2).  I hope this  guide will be helpful to allow members manage their own listings as and when you need to.  

This Austrian person-centered colleague searching other European colleagues for professional information through  the PCE network. If you are interested in reaching out to dialogue, please contact them directly at: petra.puster@kepleruniklinikum.at

I am an Austrian medical doctor, psychiatrist and person-centered psychotherapist working at the Kepler Universitaetsklinikum Linz, Austria. Due to our new hospital structure which now includes the medical university we are looking for comparable hospitals, i.e. psychiatric hospitals with ambulant and stationary wards accompanied by research.

Our focus is on social psychiatry wards with multi-professional teams including psychotherapy.

We are especially interested to know about the ratios of the numbers of doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, psychologists, dietologists, ergotherapists, music therapists, physiotherapists, sport therapists, social therapists to the amount of patients in various specific wards (e.g.: affective disorders, psychotic disorders, crisis, suicides…)

We are very much looking forward to your responses and thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Best regards,

Listening for healing.. A new article by Mike Moss published in the COSCA Counselling in Scotland Journal Spring 2019.
On the musicality of the actualising  tendency in action.  

West Lothian Women’s Aid (WLWA)

Volunteer Student Counsellor Opportunity

Volunteer Student Counsellor sought to join our counselling service. We are looking for a student counsellor on a Diploma level course to fill a placement of 3 hours per week providing counselling sessions to women who have experienced domestic abuse. The ideal candidate would be local to our office in Livingston. 

The 3 hours per week could be volunteered on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday morning with a commitment to our service for 12 months. 

Travel expenses can be reimbursed and the counselling service has a qualified counsellor in post to offer support to students whilst in placement. 

For further information and/or to request an application pack please email counsellor@wlwa.org.uk

For further information regarding West Lothian Women’s Aid please visit our website www.wlwa.org.uk

Closing date for applications – Tuesday 4th of June 2019

Interviews due to take place on Wednesday 12th of June 2019


West Lothian Women's Aid is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Registration Number: SC046887

Did you know that PCT Scotland has social media communities online to keep us connected even when geographical distance is an issue?  You can 'Like', 'Follow'and get involved here:

Facebook - public page - https://www.facebook.com/PCTScotland/
Facebook -members closed group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759709644243418/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PCTScotland

Article recently  published in BACP's Thresholds Journal. Apr 2019
Looking at Rogers core conditions as a way of being in relationship with other modalities and finding that we are all connected, and learning from Miriam Rose Ungunmer, an aborginal  elder, that relationship is the gift that  we are all thirsting for . Can be viewed on my LinkedIn page or my profile page on PCT Scotland. 
'Welcoming Conversations....'

Are there any ex-boarders out there who would like to form a support group where we could share experiences and insights?  I live in East Lothian but we could meet wherever suits everyone.  In the first instance please contact me at anne.setondean@gmail.com and we'll take it from there.

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