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Posted in Research by Terry Daly

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Calling for Volunteers
Are you a dog owner?
Do you struggle with the relationship you have with your dog?  Find dog training difficult?
Do you want to try out an innovative new therapy that can help?
I am looking for 5 volunteer clients over the next 6 months for help in collecting evidence-based 
data for my counselling service for dog owners.  Featured in Psychologies Magazine (coming out 
on 19th
 February 2018), Anubis Therapy is a unique counselling service for people interested in 
personal development and how their dog can help.  Owners talking about the difficulties they have 
with their dog, in a safe, judgement-free environment helps them with their dogs and also in other 
areas in their lives.
This project is specifically looking at the benefits of Anubis Therapy in face-to-face sessions, with 
the dog present in the room.  I am looking to collect evidence of how our dog’s behaviour is 
reflected in the session and how that understanding might help the client
Volunteers are invited to attend, with their dogs, up to 6 face-to-face hour-long counselling sessions,
at the Hounds Connect therapy room in Drymen, in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.
If you are curious about what your dog can teach you and are interested in being part of the research
for a ground-breaking therapy, I would love to hear from you.  
Give me a call on 07796 338584 or 01360660474 .  I look forward to working with you.

Posted in Notices by Antonia Higgins

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A workshop of interpersonal mindfulness practices to cultivate deep, nourishing connection.  Based on the Hakomi Method

‘Loving Presence’ is a state in which you naturally attend to another person with compassion and curiosity in a way that is nourishing for both of you.  It is the most helpful state to be in when offering support and assisting others in their psychological and emotional healing. It’s a natural state often occluded by our mental habits and assumptions. 

The workshop will help you to cultivate this state through a series of interpersonal exercises designed to help you uncover the unconscious habits you bring to relating with others, often habits that inhibit connection.  We can then create space to try out new habits which enhance connection and allow for healing.  

These practices are foundational to the Hakomi Method, a mindfulness-based, body-centered form of therapeutic self-discovery.

What you'll take away:
  • Enhanced understanding of yourself.
  • An increased sense of connection with other people.
  • An increased ability to sustain your energy in the presence of others in pain.

Facilitators:  Diarmid Baillie and Lisa Halse, Certified Hakomi Therapists.  

Posted in General by Antonia Higgins

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This role involves being the first point of contact for any client wanting to engage with the EAP service.
Primary duties:
Answering calls from clients ringing in to use their EAP.
Setting up client records.
Transferring clients through to the appropriate service.
Organising  a call back if unable to transfer the call.
Administration tasks:
Scheduling /rescheduling  counselling appointments for clients.
Contacting affiliate counsellors to refer clients for face to face counselling.
Processing Management Referral forms for counsellors to contact clients directly.

Posted in General by Antonia Higgins

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We are looking for qualified and experienced counsellors in and around Glasgow who may already have some skill in telephone counselling. We need you work a minimum of three days a week on a Rota basis. Experience of working within a commercial environment may also be useful as well as being IT literate. 

You will be joining an energetic and vibrant team helping maintain Validium as a market leading EAP provider.

Your role requires good clinical, communication and organisational skills.

Posted in General by Antonia Higgins

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Counselling room in south Edinburgh available to rent: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from w/c 11th of March (also available at weekends) with 24 hour access. I will be using the room on Wednesdays and Fridays but I'm looking for responsible counsellors/psychotherapists to rent any of the other days on a continuous basis.

The room is situated in a red brick Victorian building off Balcarres Street and has a waiting area and toilet facilities. The building has a ‘shabby chic’ style and is occupied by artists and jewellers. Daily rate is £50 per day. There are no other costs and Wi-fi is available. If you’re interested and would like more information please email me at [email protected] in the first instance. Pictures of the space will follow. Thanks!

Posted in Members by Tina Clark

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imageCelebrating LGBT History Month 2019

Experience of Trans’ Clients
An Illustrated Encounter with a GSRD Therapist and Trans' Ally

Sunday February 24th

11 am – 5pm


Members Only Event - Maximum 12 places

Bring own lunch/something to share

All proceeds to PCTScotland
Suggested Minimum Donation £40

Tina Clark is an experienced PC counsellor, supervisor, consultant, and trainer offering 20 years' experience of working with gender diverse clients, plus the additional personal experience of being an ally to diverse Trans' communities since the early 90s.

This is an opportunity to explore experience within and beyond the counselling room - from supporting "first outings"  to post-op care.

Published in CPJ (2004), Therapy Today (2006), PCEP Journal (2008), HCPJ (2014 and 2015)  and author of first chapter in Counselling Ideologies (2010, Ashgate).
Tina gained an MSc in Counselling at Strathclyde University, November 2013, based on quantitative research into trans-identified and trans-historied clients' experience of everyday counselling; and was a keynote speaker at annual BAPCA conference 2015.

Download flyer for further details.
Contact – Tina Clark via email [email protected] to secure your place

Posted in General by annette cooper

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Hello All

I have arranged a good rate for bed and breakfast or bed and breakfast and evening meal. Please book this yourself at the hotel and rooms are available by quoting PCT Scotland. In the event that you are unable to attend the encounter weekend it is your responsibility to cancel your room within 48 hrs notice of the event  to get a full refund on your room.

Bed and breakfast £75 per day - double room with single occupancy.
Bed, breakfast and evening meal £95 - double room with single occupancy.

There are some twin rooms available so please ask at the hotel and for the costings.

Contact event manager Danielle Miller - [email protected]


Posted in General by Shane Buckeridge

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