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Posted in General by annette cooper

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West of Scotland Counselling & Personal Development
Introduction to
Telephone Counselling (4 hours CPD)

• Aimed at qualified counsellors who are interested in developing
telephone counselling skills.

• Suitable for counsellors who are thinking about working for an
EAP, in Private Practice or in the Voluntary Sector.

The style of delivery will be “questions and answers” with
participants leading the direction of the training in order to cover the
most relevant areas to the group.

Potential areas of discussion:

Client suitability for telephone counselling
Working at depth on the telephone
Advantages of telephone counselling
Working for an EAP
Creativity and telephone counselling

Date: Saturday 14th April 2018; 1pm to 5pm

Venue: Templeton House, 62 Templeton Street, Glasgow, G40
1DA (free parking and disabled access)

Cost: £40 at time of booking (refreshments included)
Contributors: Janice Arbuckle and Guy Westoby

For bookings and further information please visit:
T: 0141 374 2197 / 07833 725 079
E: [email protected]

Posted in Notices by Elizabeth Riddell

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Update and extension to our placement recruitment!

We are looking for three volunteer counsellors available for 3 client hours a week at our offices in Glasgow. Ideally, counsellors are available to volunteer on a Monday evening, Tuesday or Wednesday at LGBT Health and Wellbeing in Glasgow.

Please see Volunteer Counsellor Role Description attached for details of the commitment and what we offer in exchange.

Attached application form to completed and returned to Elizabeth at [email protected] by Tuesday 3rd April. Of course please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like any other information.

Posted in General by Elizabeth Urie

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Would you be willing to add your name to a list of PCA practitioners in Scotland who are prepared to be contacted by members, counselling trainees or recent graduates (who are also members of PCT Scotland) and consulted on ways in which to connect/network with other members and discuss various practical issues that might be around for them?

At a recent Co-ordinating Group meeting of PCT Scotland, it was noted that on one of the postcards which map the long and winding road of the organisation, it mentions mentoring and someone asked how that was offered. It transpired there is no official system and so we discussed ways in which we could support and share information and experience with those starting out on their PCT journey and beyond. Some members noted that they already offered this kind of support, in a casual capacity, and we felt it might be valuable to instigate a more official system.

It has yet to be fully thought through. However, essentially the idea would be that there would be a list of names and contact details on the PCT Scotland website (accessible to members only) who would be prepared to offer their time now and then (via email, phone or in person) to members, trainees or recent graduates who may wish to consult with someone, perhaps more experienced, regarding any queries and issues they may have:- starting a private practice, working in a non- PCA therapeutic environment, networking and connecting with other PCA counsellors and therapists, to name but a few.

We felt this would be a great way to demonstrate the supportive nature of the PCT Scotland community as well as offer a tangible benefit in becoming a member. We are hoping that we would then have volunteer connectors all over Scotland and that this may also inspire the formation of local networking groups.

If this is something you would be willing to add your name to, please register your interest, in the first instance, by emailing [email protected] and a list of volunteers will be compiled. Once we have some volunteers, we will then post the list on the PCT website and notify all volunteers that the list is about to be publicised on the Members’ Area.

Posted in Research by Rosemarie Lynass

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I am a final stage student on the DPsych Counselling Psychology programme at Glasgow Caledonian University, and I am conducting a research project as part of the fulfilment of this doctoral programme. The focus of my study is therapist self-disclosure of sexual orientation and involves understanding the experiences and decision making of therapists who choose to disclose.

I am looking for participants who identify as LGBT and have experienced a disclosure of their sexual orientation with a client in therapy. I would be very grateful if you would be willing to take part in my study. Participants will be required to attend a meeting in Glasgow with the researcher to discuss their experiences. If you are interested, please contact me at the address below. If you do so, you will have the chance to find out more about the study before coming to any decision. You would be under no obligation to take part.

My study is supervised by Tasim Martin-Berg (C.Psychol. AFBPsS. HCPC Reg. Deputy Programme Leader & Lecturer) who can be contacted on [email protected] The use of email to recruit participants for this study has been approved by the GCU Health & Life Sciences Ethics Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Dunn
[email protected]

Posted in General by annette cooper

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All welcome but please let me know if you are coming.

Email [email protected]

Posted in General by annette cooper

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In accordance with the statutes of the World Association Individual and Organizational members of the Association elect Board members every two years.

The administration of the election for the Board of WAPCEPC is the responsibility of an independent election committee of three members: at the moment Florentina Palada (coordinator), Jeffrey Cornelius-White and Lidia Fogliati. They are not members of the present Board and they are not candidates for the new Board.

The election for Board members will be held in the course of May and June 2018 and we are now inviting nominations for the new Board. (Note: Individual members will vote on-line and Organizational and Joint members will vote by email).

The board of the WAPCEPC is an executive Board. It looks after the

day–to-day management of the WA - the administration, finances, Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, the journal of the World Association, membership, website and Encounter, the Newsletter of the World Association, and any other tasks that further the aims of the WA.

The board reflects the variety of nationalities, cultures and traditions in PCE, but does not represent or favour any particular group of members or interests.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate, or if you want to nominate someone as candidate, please contact any of the board members to talk about what is involved in being a Board member. Further information about the election and about how to make a nomination can be found on the website at http://www.pce-world.org/about-us/statutes-and-bylaws/elections.html. We will also find attached information about Serving of the Board of WAPCEPC.

The election for the WAPCEPC Board will take place by email. Please send your nomination by the 15th April 2018 to [email protected] (you may use the attached nomination form which is also stored at the webpage)!

Posted in Notices by annette cooper

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Hello All

I am very happy for you all to place your notices on the noticeboard. You can use this to network , offer free supervision, search for placement opportunities or place research notices etc.

If you are advertising something however eg a course or service with a charge attached to it then that will cost you £25 per advert.

I have enclosed a word document which you can down load with some instructions for creating your own notice. Please click
"read more" to see the word document.

Any queries or comments then send to Annette - [email protected]

Posted in General by annette cooper

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I am a Senior Accredited Counsellor who is undertaking Supervision training. I can offer 6 months free supervision to counsellors in North East Scotland. I am based in Aberdeen City and would see you in my own home. I would hope to arrange face to face sessions but I am open to use of FaceTime/Google Hangout if this would also be helpful to counsellors in remote areas.
I have extensive experience as a Counsellor in the NHS as a staff counsellor and with patients in General Practice. I have private practice and voluntary organisation experience. I am presently working as a Student Counsellor in Higher Education.
Contact details:
Ruth Bannister
[email protected]

Posted in General by annette cooper

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HI All

If anyone has a favourite tune which they think could be used to represent PCTS then feel free to get in touch.


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