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The Practice of Loving Presence - Workshop

A workshop of interpersonal mindfulness practices to cultivate deep, nourishing connection.  Based on the Hakomi Method

‘Loving Presence’ is a state in which you naturally attend to another person with compassion and curiosity in a way that is nourishing for both of you.  It is the most helpful state to be in when offering support and assisting others in their psychological and emotional healing. It’s a natural state often occluded by our mental habits and assumptions. 

The workshop will help you to cultivate this state through a series of interpersonal exercises designed to help you uncover the unconscious habits you bring to relating with others, often habits that inhibit connection.  We can then create space to try out new habits which enhance connection and allow for healing.  

These practices are foundational to the Hakomi Method, a mindfulness-based, body-centered form of therapeutic self-discovery.

What you'll take away:
  • Enhanced understanding of yourself.
  • An increased sense of connection with other people.
  • An increased ability to sustain your energy in the presence of others in pain.

Facilitators:  Diarmid Baillie and Lisa Halse, Certified Hakomi Therapists.  

For more info see: https://www.hakomiscotland.com/

February 10, 2019