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20th anniversary of PCE Europe in 2018 and a restart of the network in 2019

In September 2018 "PCE Europe – Network of the European Associations for
Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling" should have
celebrated its 20th birthday, but the date passed unnoticed, there was not a big
party! Only a few months earlier, in July 2018, the General Assembly in Vienna,
failed to elect a new board and it became evident that PCE Europe might not survive
its 20th anniversary. There was no reason to celebrate!

There were various reasons for the apparent apathy and 'burnout'. PCE Europe
started in Luxembourg, with 15 partners, and since then has developed into a strong
network of 31 organisations in 15 different countries from many parts of Europe.
Membership extends from the United Kingdom to Cyprus, and from Portugal to
Russia. During the past decade, the biannual meetings of the General Assembly
were combined with a Symposium. During these days person-centred
professionals, from many parts of Europe, gathered to learn from another and
exchange their ideas, but above all everyone enjoyed being in contact and having
fun with like-minded people.

PCE Europe's members were reluctant to accept this undignified end of the
network, without an attempt to reverse their fortunes, and a 'task force' was formed.
The 'task force' was established in September 2018, with the job of providing a
basis for PCE Europe's realignment, making it more attractive to its members and
hopefully leading it into a fruitful future. Eight colleagues from 7 different countries
joined the task force and met regularly on Skype. A person-centred mindset and a
desire for European cooperation unified these people, who were of Austrian, British,
German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Scottish and Swiss origin. Their task was to
prepare the groundwork for the next General Assembly, which was in Warsaw on
10 May 2019, and create a map for the association's future.

The Warsaw General Assembly was successful and heralded the relaunch of the
European Network. An international Board was elected: Leonore Langner, Austria
(Chair), Allan Turner, UK (Treasurer), Tito Laneiro, Portugal (EAP contact), Mihaela
Bonatiu, Romania (Certificate Coordinator), Gaby Pierre Chami, Switzerland
(Social Media Manager), Dimitris Portokalis, Greece (PR Officer).
The mission statement of PCE Europe was expanded and renewed, to make the
network more tangible and attractive for its members. PCE Europe is seeking to
register as an NGO (as is WAPCEPC), and a working group was established to
determine the best jurisdiction for registration.

We agreed to update, and enhance, the network's connection to WAPCEPC and to
work closely together. The next European Symposium will be in Romania in 2021,
and we hope that the event guidelines, prepared by the 'task force' will assist the
organisers in their work. New ideas were explored, which means that the new Board
have a lot of working on its 'to do list'. There is a new momentum from the new
Board, and they will value a strong network of support people who are ready to step
up and contribute to PCE Europe's development.

Summary written by Simone Anderhub, Leonore Langner, Allan Turner.

Details of Job:
35 hours per week; Band 4 (£25,803 - £30,189).
Providing approximately 20 - 25 appointments per week to people affected by cancer, their families and carers, or those who have experienced a bereavement. Will also be completing paperwork for our trainees and supporting people into accessing our services. Full job description can be found on our website or on Indeed.

Closing date 5pm on Tuesday 2nd July 2019.

Adding your profile to the Directory of Counsellors, or updating your existing profile is easy.  This can be done by every member who is entitled to have a listing on the Directory (i.e. Practitioner members).  

Attached is a simple step-by-step guideline to adding a new listing (page 1) or updating your existing one (page 2).  I hope this  guide will be helpful to allow members manage their own listings as and when you need to.  

This Austrian person-centered colleague searching other European colleagues for professional information through  the PCE network. If you are interested in reaching out to dialogue, please contact them directly at: petra.puster@kepleruniklinikum.at

I am an Austrian medical doctor, psychiatrist and person-centered psychotherapist working at the Kepler Universitaetsklinikum Linz, Austria. Due to our new hospital structure which now includes the medical university we are looking for comparable hospitals, i.e. psychiatric hospitals with ambulant and stationary wards accompanied by research.

Our focus is on social psychiatry wards with multi-professional teams including psychotherapy.

We are especially interested to know about the ratios of the numbers of doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, psychologists, dietologists, ergotherapists, music therapists, physiotherapists, sport therapists, social therapists to the amount of patients in various specific wards (e.g.: affective disorders, psychotic disorders, crisis, suicides…)

We are very much looking forward to your responses and thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Best regards,

BAPCA are offering a low cost place (£130) on the Person-Centred Trainers' Conference 25 - 27 July to PCT Scotland.  
There is a supervision group on the Wednesday and Thursday for an additional cost to cover the extra residential night and food.

If you are interested in this place, please complete the attached form and return to Ewa at BAPCA who will confirm your place (champewa55@gmail.com)


Are you interested in joining the above group. There is more recent interest from folk about joining
the Paisley Peer Review Group. This may lead to the formation of a second group.

Get in touch if you are interested in coming along....times,suitable days and frequency  to be discussed by the
forming  group.

Get in touch - annette -          annettecooper47@hotmail.com

Listening for healing.. A new article by Mike Moss published in the COSCA Counselling in Scotland Journal Spring 2019.
On the musicality of the actualising  tendency in action.  

West Lothian Women’s Aid (WLWA)

Volunteer Student Counsellor Opportunity

Volunteer Student Counsellor sought to join our counselling service. We are looking for a student counsellor on a Diploma level course to fill a placement of 3 hours per week providing counselling sessions to women who have experienced domestic abuse. The ideal candidate would be local to our office in Livingston. 

The 3 hours per week could be volunteered on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday morning with a commitment to our service for 12 months. 

Travel expenses can be reimbursed and the counselling service has a qualified counsellor in post to offer support to students whilst in placement. 

For further information and/or to request an application pack please email counsellor@wlwa.org.uk

For further information regarding West Lothian Women’s Aid please visit our website www.wlwa.org.uk

Closing date for applications – Tuesday 4th of June 2019

Interviews due to take place on Wednesday 12th of June 2019


West Lothian Women's Aid is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Registration Number: SC046887

A workshop to support you in exploring what successful private practice is for you

Your investment : Early bird £55.00 (until 31st July 2019); £70 full price

What is successful private practice?
What success means is different for everyone. As counsellors, it’s important that we work authentically by respecting our own integrity, being true to our own values as well as our professional ethics and practicing good self-care.
This one day experiential workshop will give you time to explore your visions, hopes and fears about setting up your private practice with a group of colleagues in the early stages of their journey. Your facilitator, Antonia, has built - and continues to grow - her own private practice. She has successfully navigated the positives, the challenges and the pitfalls of ‘being her own boss’ and hopes her experiences might act as a shortcut to your own learning.

What we’ll cover
As well as opportunities for small group work, dialogue and self-reflection around mindset, limiting beliefs and managing expectations, we’ll look at some of the business practicalities of setting up your private practice including:
  • Legal and ethical requirements
  • Where to practice - pros and cons of working from various counselling venues
  • The ‘creative stuff’ - branding, marketing ideas, ways to create an impact
  • Occupational hazards and self-care
Note: Tea/coffee/water are available throughout the day. Participants are asked to make their own lunch arrangements. There are a good selection of cafes and restaurants within easy distance of The Therapy Workshop.

Tickets available through Eventbrite or by contacting Antonia directly

Did you know that PCT Scotland has social media communities online to keep us connected even when geographical distance is an issue?  You can 'Like', 'Follow'and get involved here:

Facebook - public page - https://www.facebook.com/PCTScotland/
Facebook -members closed group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759709644243418/ 
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PCTScotland

32 results - showing 1 - 10
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