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Posted in General by annette cooper

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Lady counsellor would like to meet up with some other counsellors in the Ayrshire area.

If you are interested in this please send me your email and I will forward it to her.

Annette - [email protected]

Posted in General by annette cooper

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Cultural Competency in Counselling
People with Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversities.

The quest to provide services that are both accessible and equitable for all, alongside the desire to maximise results of interventions aimed towards better mental health, has brought about increasing interest in, and commitment toward, cultural competency in counselling.
Cultural competence is the ability to work effectively with a diversity of people in respectful and responsive ways. Crucially it comprises not simply knowledge of the other but also of self; so that one can hold one’s potential for bias safely in awareness rather than inadvertently allowing it to interfere with, or indeed sabotage, the process.

We should not assume that any particular therapeutic modality automatically makes us culturally competent to work with GSRD clients. Person Centred and other Humanistic approaches may take us some of the way, because individuals flourish best within relationships based in the facilitative conditions of acceptance, genuineness, and empathy. However each individual is a product of, and exists within, culture – culture that arises from history, is embedded in language and social habits, underpins social constructs and values, and informs the development of self concept.

Culture comprises systems devised and developed to create order and understanding, and provides a sense of place in the world for its component groups – within this we need to hold in awareness that not all places are created equal. If culture is to be the key to inclusivity one needs to understand the language of its diverse parts, and take time to appreciate the key historic events and social movements that have influenced attitudes, values and behaviours of and toward its component groups of people.

Culturally competent counselling is a vehicle for client empowerment because it respects diversity and is open to experience. If we are to be authentic in our acceptance, communicate genuine empathy, and be fully present with our clients we need some shared vocabulary and some understanding of where they are coming from; whatever their issues.
This series of workshops will enable broader understandings of human gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship configurations, and explore some of the key issues that arise both from and around being Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse in today’s society.
Each day will focus on one of the three specific diversities, while acknowledging strands of intersectionality, and comprise exploration of self and others, information sharing, discussion and group work. The overall aim being to expand frames of reference, knowledge, and understanding - so that we can offer a genuinely more inclusive approach to counselling in the 21st century, as our society transitions from a heterocentric culture to a heterogeneous one.
Hoping you will join me 
Tina Clark

City centre location - TBC.

Details of each training day coming soon.

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Practice Supervisor
Salary: £26,767 - £29,155 (pro rata)
Hours: Permanent, Part time – 14 hours per week
Flexible working, part-time hours, or job-sharing arrangements
will be considered for the right candidate.
The Practice Supervisor will manage and coordinate a high quality Practice Supervision service
within GCA, ensuring all volunteers, PHD students and alcohol counsellors receive appropriate
practice supervision, support and guidance.

Organisation Profile:
Glasgow Council on Alcohol is a leading provider of alcohol support and has been providing a
range of award winning services across Glasgow and surrounding areas for over 50 years and
has an excellent reputation for partnership working and a proven track record of helping
individuals to achieve their goals.
For application packs, contact Glasgow Council on Alcohol, 14 North Claremont Street, Glasgow
G3 7LE Tel: 0141 353 1800, download application packs from Goodmoves website, GCA website
or e-mail us at [email protected]
Please note: A PVG membership will be required for this post. This will be arranged by Glasgow
Council on Alcohol.
Please submit completed applications to (No CV’s please):
[email protected]
Closing date for all applications: Thursday 22nd February 2018
Interview Date: Monday 5th March 2018
Appointment Date: March 2018 or by negotiation

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My name is Daniel Morken, and I am Counselling Psychology doctoral student at the University of Roehampton, supervised by Mick Cooper. We are looking at the use of the Authenticity Scale, a 12-item PCT measure based on Rogers’ definitions of congruence, as an outcome measure for therapy. Our study is in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Joseph, one of the original developers of the Authenticity Scale. We’re looking for services and therapists that might be interested in participating.

Taking part would involve asking your clients who are 18 years and above to complete ‘the Authenticity Scale’ along with the CORE-10, at the beginning of therapy, at the end of their therapy and on every 6th session. On the final session, participants would also be asked to complete the Therapy Questionnaire Helpfulness Survey, a short questionnaire asking clients about how they found the questionnaires they completed.
If you would be interested in participating in our study, or would like more info, please do not hesitate to contact me on:

[email protected]

You can download the forms to have a quick look too.

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Notice details

Please see events for details.

Early bookings encouraged to ensure this event takes place - thank you. Please book by 30th April if




Aim of the Event

In all paradigms of counselling and psychotherapy the therapist aims to have a safe, boundaried space in which the client can risk being themselves. If this space is provided then you have the right environment for the client to disclose perhaps for the first time a history of sexual abuse. The therapist does not have to be an expert in this field, as the client themselves will teach you how to be with them. Each case of sexual abuse is unique and although there can be commonalities the impact on the individual is particular to the individual. Experience together with study is the prime educator and I hope to use both these mediums to develop your knowledge and confidence to be a real presence for the client who reveals a history of sexual abuse.

Intended Learning outcomes

How to be with a client as they reclaim repressed memories.(we will look at how and why memories start to surface)
How to be alongside a client who has complex post traumatic stress disorder.
We will ask the question -Is it ever necessary to refer a client with complex PTSD?
the purpose of self harm/suicide ideation
Understanding the defence mechanism of dissociation and how to be alongside the client in this state.
How to take care of self when working with childhood sexual abuse.
to book a place please email Annette - [email protected]

Cheques payable to pct scotland and send to
PCT Scotland
pct scotland

Co-operative Bank, Skelmersdale Branch
Sort Code: 08-92-99, Account Number: 65375796

Minimum number 15

E mail annette - secretary @pctscotland.co.uk

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All welcome.

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I am looking for folk who might like to organise a yearly meetup for counsellors in their area. If you are interested then let me know and I would be available for a chat about this too.

Whats involved - find somewhere nice to meetup for a coffee or whatever.
- set the date.
- post your notice on the webpage ( or I can do that for you).

What you get - help from myself or another member ( if needed )
- you will hopefully meet nice people and make some friends?
- you will catch up with old friends.

Get in touch if you might be interested.

Annette - [email protected]

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If you are always looking after everyone else then this workshop is for you.

Reduced rate to PCT Scotland members - £25. This includes all materials and refreshments.

Please see leaflet attached.

Email Tonia at [email protected]
tele 07848 948593

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Could you let me know if you might be interested in this training.

There is no date yet and it would likely be later in the year before it starts.

The pilot course involved 9 training days over 15 months. So format may be similiar.

I have uploaded the format for the 2017 training so you can have a look at that just to get an

idea. Of course there may be changes to the new training as the first one was a pilot.

Low cost fees for members of PCT Scotland. Open to non members who are most welcome too.

Contact Annette - [email protected] to express interest.

Posted in Notices by annette cooper

Notice details

If you join now then you will not have to pay your next subscription for membership until June 2019 !!!!!!!

What are you waiting for ?????

Reduced member fees for training's and events.

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