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PCE Europe - Consultation on individual membership


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Contact: Susan Stephen | Phone: 07990731501

PCE Europe is currently considering the pros and cons of introducing individual membership (see below for notes from their Roundtable meeting held on 27 June 2020).

They want to hear from us: do we see any benefits in being an individual member of PCE Europe? What are the pitfalls and how should membership look in the future? For more information about PCE Europe, please visit their recently refreshed website: www.pce-europe.org 

If you have any ideas, questions or comments, please send them to the PCT Scotland coordinating group via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will collate your feedback ahead of the next PCE Europe Roundtable event, which will take place on 11 September 2020.


Attendees (PCE board): Claudia Akrimi, Gaby Pierre Chami, Leonore Langner, Dimitris Portokalis, Allan Turner
Attendees (members): Suzy Henry - UK, Ewa Kaczorkiewicz - Poland, Sylvia Rasch - Germany, Janet Tolan - UK
Date June 27, 2020

- Claudia gives technical details
- Introduction of all members
- Sylvia asks to see the meeting notes as soon as possible, so she can maybe include something in the German newsletter (deadline for newsletter: July 1).

- All topics from members collected on electronic pinboard
- Creation of small working group to finish the statutes + bylaws (Janet for comments and English language checks, Jean-Marc, Leonore, Allan, Gaby). Leonore proposes a Friday evening or Saturday. Sylvia notes that the statutes were voted and agreed on, so why change? Leonore replies that the board topic (individual membership) may change the statutes again.

- Leonore: Board would like to talk about acceptance of individual members and explains why: historical reasons for organisational membership only. This is no longer the case: individual membership allows member to get more involved personally. The delegates stand for their organisation, but not for their personal wishes and values. In future, we need to get more “person-centered”: people need to be able to give their own views and be heard. We sometimes get requests for individual membership and we have so far had to decline.
- We always hear the delegates’ opinion, but what about the opinions and values of the individuals? Are they the same, what do they want?
- Individual memberships could strengthen our power, lobbying
- Looking at the current situation and political landscape, we are squandering resources, people who could add their ideas, time and energy to our cause
- Last Board was not functioning: the subsequent task force was not made up of delegates, as no delegates wanted the job – therefore individuals are necessary
- 2000 members GWG, Czech Republic: 8, they have no network like GWG
- National organisation should be the centre-point for individual members, so we do not have to check all the time. This would also immediately make it more “public”
- Comment from group: “this is the first time I hear about it”. Leonore: it was a big topic during the GA in Warsaw and we talked about it in the last Extraordinary General Assembly: this shows that the information is not trickling down and we do not reach the local psychotherapists
Cons / Concerns
- What if an individual member is not member of my local organisation? We will lose members. Leonore: if we only accept members who are already affiliated to a local organisation, then this risk is avoided.
- In the UK it is hard to make a living, salaries are going down, there would be a competition. The fee would make a difference (low fee). The opportunity to network would be a benefit.
- Sylvia addresses the difficulty in elections, with the value of votes between organisational and personal members. EAP: they do have individual membership. Individual members have 1 vote in GWG, that would not be fair (GWG has three votes). Leonore: We could do it like WAPCEPC: individuals and organisations would form separate constituencies and both constituencies would approve a course of action. elections would be done separately and decision would only be taken if consensus between personal members and delegates
- What about governance in case of an individual membership? Who makes sure that the individual is up to the PCA-standard?
- People still need to be aware of their national organisation
- We need to think about all the ramifications this could have: individual member and the if national organisation dissolves or suspends their membership. Or in case of personal quarrels.
- What if the person leaves the national organisation in-between and stays individual member instead? Who checks?
- Different national set-ups in the country organisations and training institutes

- The PCE Europe Board will work on a draft to be sent out as pre-read before September 2020
- Pinboard with parking lot for questions is checked out. It is decided to have 1 hour for individual membership and the other hour for exchange of experience and best practice during the next Roundtable
- Claudia to send out names of digital tools to create videos, as per request from the group
- Next Roundtable date: September 11, 2020 via Zoom, 7 – 9 pm (Berlin time)

For more info see: http://www.pce-europe.org