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Charlie O'Leary


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Contact: Tonia Higgins

I was saddened to hear that Charlie O’Leary, one of the person-centred world’s well-loved and biggest characters, passed away from a stroke on 20th October 2019.  

Charlie, from Denver, Colorado, was a frequent contributor to person-centred training in Scotland, often visiting Strathclyde University as a guest speaker to teach the students amidst a lot of laughter and usually a bit of singing. 

My experience of Charlie, and the many stories I have heard from colleagues of their meetings with him, paint the picture of a warm and funny man who was very generous in sharing his knowledge and experiences. He is best known for his work on person-centred couples and family therapy and this work is, and will continue to be, a major contribution to the person-centred approach. He will be very much missed,

On behalf of PCT Scotland I send condolences to Charlie’s family, who are in our thoughts.