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edinburgh office (1)

I'm looking for someone to take over a counselling room (with a small kitchen and toilet) that I've been renting in Edinburgh. It's (just) wheelchair accessible

Location:   Central Edinburgh, East Crosscauseway
Rent:          I've been paying £250 a month and £100 during lockdown
Contact:    Rose rose@energyawareness.plus.com

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Mick Cooper and Chris Molyneux have shared this one-hour in-depth dialogue (available via YouTube) in which they "explore a range of questions at the interface between person-centred and pluralistic perspectives". 

This video will be the focus for the next PCT Scotland book/article (and now video!) discussion group on Wednesday 26th May (7pm - 8.30pm). See the listing in Events for more details. 

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An online audio biography of Peggy Natiello - author of 'The Person-Centred Approach: A Passionate Presence' - has been created by Peggy's granddaughter, Alex Lee-Ammons. It comprises 9 episodes, 20 minutes each, and was recorded in November 2020. Peggy (now in her 90s) talks with Alex about her experiences from childhood, through motherhood, becoming a teacher, writer and facilitator, and a peace activist. She reflects on her experience of meeting and working with Carl Rogers, the influence that they had on each other's work, and what inspires her continuing work. 

3 results - showing 1 - 3