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Working with Shame


April 30, 2021 - April 30, 2021 at 10am - 4pm

At Online/Glasgow TBC

Cost: Early Bird £85 / £105 after 30 March 2021 | Organised by Greenwood Events - www.greenwoodevents.co.uk | Contact: Audrey Smith - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | event website | For profit

Shame is universal, we all feel it, but nobody talks about it. This workshop aims at breaking the cycle of secrecy surrounding shame. Underlining shame can be the reason our clients don’t make progress in therapy. It stops their process of recovery and prevents them from living their life to the best. In this workshop we will explore the following questions:

  • What is shame and what purpose does it serve??
  • What are the sources and triggers of shame for our clients?
  • How counsellors assess for shame and how client’s express shame in the counselling room.
  • What are the relational and neurobiological aspects of shame?
  • How shame impacts on the lives of our clients?
  • How clients protect themselves from feeling shame in a variety of emotional symptoms and behaviors.
  • How our own shame affects the work we do with our clients?
  • What is the goal? Where healing from shame leads us?
  • How to help clients heal the shame?

More information at https://shame-apr-21.eventbrite.co.uk

For more info see the event website