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The Power of the Core Conditions - 1 Day Workshop


May 08, 2021 at 10am to 5pm

At Online via Zoom

Cost: £115 | Organised by Jenny Biancardi Consultancy | Contact: Jenny Biancardi | Phone: 0191 265 9664 | event website | For profit

Those who think that Carl Rogers’ work belongs in the past, may not appreciate the total relevance of the core conditions in today’s world. They are fundamental to keeping our humanity intact and having a positive impact on other people.

In this experiential workshop, as part of looking at the core conditions, we will revisit what it means to have unconditional positive regard, and yet to be congruent.

Being more congruent does not mean going around giving everyone a piece of your mind, but it does require a degree of honesty and respect for others. It also requires self-awareness, some courage and real compassion. Hard to do, but fun to practice! The skills are very relevant for supervisors, therapists and everyone who wants more honest and open relationships in their life.

Zoom is being used with plenty of interaction, practice and demonstrations, small groups and breaks. (No PowerPoints!) I’m keeping the numbers low, so that we are all visible on the screen.

Early booking advised.

For more info see the event website