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Re-Sourcing the Source: On Finding Ourselves in the Therapeutic Relationship


October 03, 2020 - October 03, 2020 at 10am - 4pm

At Online via Zoom

Cost: £85 | Organised by Greenwood Events - www.greenwoodevents.co.uk | Contact: Audrey Smith - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | event website | For profit

When we see someone suffering there may be two aspects to our response.  One is we wish they were not suffering the other is we want to help as we know what it is like to suffer ourselves and want them to be free from suffering.

As a therapist there are many different ways of trying to help and I believe that being in a therapeutic relationship is likely to have an effect on us in the process. In this online workshop we will consider the actualising tendency of both client and therapist and how we both may be serving something more, something larger towards healing. Is there a natural process, a process of growth in all things where even the aspiration to help and be helped releases the potential for healing and can we experience its source?

I would like to share the possibilities of what might emerge from further exploration of this process and hope that participants may discover their own resources for the therapeutic relationship.

‘I find that when I am closest to my inner, intuitive self when I am somehow in touch with the unknown in me…. my presence is releasing and helpful. There is nothing I can do to force this experience …. At that those moments it seems that my inner spirit has reached out and touched the inner spirit of the other. Our relationship transcends itself and becomes part of something larger..’ Carl Rogers in ‘A Way of Being’ (1980)

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