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Approaches to Counselling people Struggling with Substance Use Bridie MacKenzie & Tom Frank


October 05, 2019 - October 05, 2019 at 10am - 4.30pm

At Wallace House 3 Boswall Road Edinburgh, EH5 3RJ

Cost: early bird £80 by 24th August, thereafter £90 | Organised by person-person.co.uk | Contact: sylvia | Phone: 668 2916 | For profit | There is wheelchair access.

This one day workshop is for generic counsellors interested in enhancing existing counselling practice, skills and knowledge in counselling people who might be considering behaviour change.

The aim of the workshop will be to have an opportunity to explore, discuss and experience the subtle differences between generic counselling and the approaches used when counselling people who are considering changes in their lives such as use of substances.

The day will be facilitated by Bridie MacKenzie and Tom Frank who have worked in the field of mental health and substance use as counsellors, supervisors and trainers for donkey's years. Tom and Bridie with two other colleagues devised and wrote a six Day COSCA validated Module for Counselling people Towards Behaviour Change. This day will include exercises, theories and approaches from the Module and our own experiences as substance use counsellors. We have integrated our person-centred counselling practice with a number of models and approaches developed to counsel people considering changing their behaviour.
These models and approaches include the following:

* Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick)

* Theories and Concepts of Dependencies

* The Trans theoretical Model (Prochaska & Di Clemente)

* Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviours (Bowen, Chawla & Marlatt)

* Attachment Theories

* Developments in Neuroscience

* Compassion Focused, Evolutionary Model (Professor Paul Gilbert)

* Trauma Informed Practice influenced (Stephen Levine, Bessel Van der Kolk & Stephen Porges)

* Non Violence Communication (Dr Marshal Rosenberg)

* Addiction, Attachments & Trauma & Attachment Biopsychosocial, Model (Dr Gabor Mate)

This is an experiential day where theory will be applied to learning key skills of motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based relapse prevention for Addictive behaviours. We see the workshop as a day of mutual exchange, learning and sharing together in the company of peers who will leave with a 'doggie bag' of exercises and approaches to add to your existing practice as counsellors.

Tom Frank trained in Gestalt and Bridie MacKenzie in Person-Centred Approach to counselling and have a thirst for on going learning and development, working creatively and ethically in counselling, training and supervising.