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The 2017 Certificate in Developing Supervision Practice (University of Strathclyde) will provide an opportunity for experienced and new supervisors to consider recent developments in supervision, including research, and reflect upon the impact of the recent and emerging developments for good supervision practice as currently being set out by BACP.

Module 1 of the Developing Supervision Practice course can be taken as a standalone CPD activity or combined with Modules 2 (Certificate in Individual Supervision) or Module 3 (Certificate in Group Supervision).

The dates for 2017 are:
Module 1: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st January; Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March.
Module 2: Friday 28th & Saturday 29th April; Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th June.
Module 3: Friday 29th & Saturday 30th September; Friday 24th & Saturday 25th November.

The early bird discount for Module 1 ends on Monday 24th October 2016. For more details, see entry in Events section of the PCT Scotland website or go direct to the University of Strathclyde website (link below).

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Our Bluebell Perinatal Service supports those struggling with the impact of
perinatal difficulties (PND). Bluebell’s counsellors use their unique skills and
expertise to enable their clients to explore their difficulties and support them
to get to where they want to be. Our post-graduate level trained/training
counsellors are part of a lively, experienced and committed therapy team.

Specialist Training
Fortnightly Supervision Groups
Develop your skills and support families

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A counselling researcher at Strathclyde University is looking for participants who are willing to take part in a semi-structured interview which will last no more than an hour. The purpose of the research is to explore how the Person-centred counsellor works with clients when they perceive that they have autistic traits.

Participants must be person-centred counsellors, aged 21-70, and meet the following inclusion/exclusion criteria:

Inclusion criteria:
1. Has a knowledge of autism and able to recognise the traits
2. Has worked with autistic people
3. Trained as a person-centred therapist
4. Has been in practice for a minimum of 3 years
5. Is a member of a counselling professional body such as BACP

Exclusion criteria:
1. Not trained as a person-centred therapist
2. Anyone who the researcher knows personally
3. Anyone who is unable to provide formal consent

Should I have more people willing to participate than needed I will select participants on the basis of geographical location, experience and diversity of training.

Information about the study:
The study involves a semi-structured interview
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Location: Strathclyde University

Please email me on:
or call 07960866048 if you would like more information

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On the agenda so far.

1. "The Person-Centred Approach in Scotland: a strong identity but a precarious occupation?"
Exploring the results and discussing the implications of the 2015 survey.

Catherine Cowie and Susan Stephen will be offering a presentation of the key findings and potential implications of the survey that was carried out last year. Posters with more information will be on display for your perusal. Hopefully there will be time also for any questions.

2. Terry Daly - Discussion about delivering facilitation skills workshops for members.

3. TBC - A members lived experience of caring for a partner with ASD. Also experience of non-normative gender identity.

4. CG and members discussion on the role of Social Media ( Facebook and Twitter) for PCT Scotland.

5. Chat and meet new and old friends over sandwiches and wraps and crisps!!

6. Sue Reid Sexton - Information to be confirmed later.

If you are interested in attending this event please let me know and also let me know of any dietary requirements.
Email Annette at
Venue now confirmed at Glasgow Citizen M Hotel - 60 Renfrew St, Glasgow G2 3BW

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A new group is forming for Counsellors and Psychotherapists living and practicing in Scotland who work in a non-pathologising way with gender, relationship and sexual diversity.
We already have a presence on Facebook and also meet quarterly to share information and network.
At present this involves no cost - it is simply a sharing community.
Hope you will consider joining us :-)

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University of Aberdeen

The course is designed for experienced person-centred counsellors (trained to diploma level) who are looking for an opportunity for professional and career development. This course may appeal to practitioners who wish to develop their supervision skills and their theoretical understanding of supervision in a way that is consistent with the person-centred approach. Counsellors who are new to supervision practice as well as those who have experience as supervisors may apply.
The aim of this course is that on completion participants will feel sufficiently competent and confident to enter into supervision contracts with experienced counsellors and counsellors-in-training within organisations, voluntary settings and private practice. Integral to this aim are the following:
• Participants will attain a clear theoretical understanding of the processes implicit in the person-centred approach to supervision.
• They will develop further their understanding of person-centred theory in particular in the context of counselling-supervision.
• They will develop an awareness of ethical and practical issues related to supervision.
• They will develop the ability to assess their own work in critical and non-defensive ways and will identify areas for further professional development.
• They will have the opportunity to work with peers who are also experienced person-centred counsellors.

Early Bird Booking: £900.00 before 30/9/16
£1,050.00 – if applications are received after 30 September 2016

Please see the attached leaflet for fuller information
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