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'Therapy Today' Discussion Group - canvassing interest

Hi there,
I'm a qualified Person Centred Counsellor based in Glasgow and recently I have been thinking that: 1) I sometimes fall off the PCA wagon when it comes to dealing with situations in my life and 2) that it helps me to practice the philosophy if I am in regularly contact with other PCA-ers and finally 3) the BACP journal Therapy Today often has articles that I feel I would like to discuss.

So I am exploring the option of addressing both those things by canvassing interest in a small monthly 'Therapy Today' discussion group. I imagine it running along the same lines as a book group - so just for the sake of an example: the first Tuesday of each month in the evening for a couple of hours.

I would be more than happy to host it at my place (Glasgow Westend, near the Botanics) if the numbers worked. I think I can comfortably seat about 6-7 max - but previous book club experience tells me that with a total number of 8 - 10, on average about 5 manage to make it each time.
If there was a greater interest, then I would undertake to explore other venue options and a cost might be involved. Or there would be the option of creating sub-groups according to whichever particular BACP division you were most keen on as they too have their magazines.

But I shall refrain from getting too carried away with 'what ifs' at this point! So in the first instance if this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, please contact me (Stephanie Hutchinson) via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's see what we can make happen.

March 20, 2017